Bix Medard: Take A Deep Breath

~ Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Bix Medard, the idiosyncratic Belgian/Norwegian duo return with another great album of atmospheric grooves and cinematic, trippy beats. They’re a talented bunch this lot. Not only are they skilled musicians but even better cunning linguists, singing as they do in English, Japanese, French, Norwegian and Italian. Take a Deep Breath is edgier, darker and more stark than last year’s excellent Y Dress.

Despite being more heartfelt and personal, this album, in terms of actual feel, is colder, like a broken-hearted machine. Peter Clasen has excelled himself with his bass playing and guitar riffs most notably on
Are You Ready? the stand out track, clever, cool, dramatic and inventive.

The title track Take a Deep Breath sees them at their most quirky and weirdest. Apart is a gothic love song, the sultry vocals have an esoteric almost Portishead feel. There’s some nice touches throughout especially the garage psychedelic guitar and haunting flute which really add to the modern city soundscape. Fans of Bix Medard won’t be disappointed with Take a Deep Breath as Bix and Peter continue to sculpt the sonic landscape. But sadly Bix Medard don’t play gigs like most bands, they tend to be so hip they only do fashion shows or art instillations, so unless you know some arty supermodels you’ve no chance of seeing them. I think that’s quite post modern and I like that.

[][][][] (4/5)

Review by Charlie Brown