Black Circles: Final Straw (single)

~ Wednesday, 20 April 2011
The Kent based ‘power trio’ Black Circles have just released their second self-financed single ‘Final Straw’. The music is of the pop/thrash type thang and the music of Muse and Metallica springs to mind on the first listen. Probably more the latter, as it is very well done and is bombastically correct in all the right places. But here’s my problem. I’ve yet to hear one of these combos better their American originators.

Thrash came from a shattered and bastardised American heavy metal scene and this shit seems to come as second nature to adolescent white youths of the Northern Americas. When the Brits do it, it reminds me of footage of British Hells Angels drinking cups of tea at The Stones Hyde park concert, compared to the carnage caused by American Angels at Altamont. It just ain’t in the genes Mr Cooper. It’s the same when the yanks try to do ska, it sucks.
I’m not saying it’s time to start wearing bowler hats and sing about boiled beef and carrots but it maybe is time to look at how Muse have become so big. Sheer English/British eccentricity. With this type of music it really is the case that to quote the legendary Ricky Bobby, ‘If you ain’t first, your last’. The final straw? Nah just shake and bake.

Review by Captain Dhilin Kunderan