Night Noise Team: Slow Release

~ Monday, 18 April 2011
Night Noise Team are an eclectic mish mash of nationalities and musical influences. This is certainly an entertaining album if at times a bit everything but the kitchen sink. In fact that would be a better name for the album. The initial impression is one of a band who haven’t quite found themselves musically yet.

There’s a point were singer Sean Ormsby sounds like a mix between Tom Verlaine in a Buzzcocks tribute band. On
Burning, we look out the Interpol and Bravery albums and sound like a happy Joy Division tribute band, Enjoy Division? What about Joey Division? That’ll work. Once you get over the initial barrage of a group sounding like every band from the last thirty years, on listening to a third and fourth time to Slow Release you do succumb to their spell.

The Gift and You Won we tread very close to Franz Ferdinand and mid period Orange Juice but the experience isn’t a bad one. In fact this is what Night Noise Team do best, that Postcard indie pop sound. Doors are Closed and Menolick show a dark taught indie rock side but instead of something new it’s a bit too familiar.

There’s a good ear for the pop tune and the playing is fantastic throughout. If you stick with Slow Release, you get your reward and overall it’s a decent debut and I look forward to more from them.

[][][][ (3.5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown