The Savage Nomads: The Magic Eye (ep)

~ Friday, 15 April 2011
The Savage Nomads are named after a multi-racial teen gang from the late 1960s Bronx area of NYC. This version hail from South London and have been playing since 2008. They boast none other than Clash main man and Humphrey Bogart look alike, Mick Jones and his BAD partner in crime Don Letts as vociferous supporters of their music and have recently played support to Big Audio Dynamite at their April London shows. Their press statements describe them having been, “Always interested in....everything”, comparing their lyrics to T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ and describe listening to this forthcoming single The Magic Eye as ‘much an experience in action art as a musical excavation’. Big words from small boys or unashamed ambition and confidence from future giants?

The Magic Eye I have to say is disappointing. After their previous EP featured the tracks What The Angel Said and An Empty Seat, which arguably used Television as a musical bedrock, The Magic Eye sounds like either Then Jericho’s Mark Shaw or Adam Ant singing over This Is England era Clash b-sides. The vocals are strong but dull and there is no hint of the art fantastica imagined earlier. The aforementioned What The Angel Said EP was much stronger and arguably a route that this quartet should follow as this desperate attempt at becoming the new Strummer/Jones ain’t up to scratch people. You can’t become them, you can’t buy it, Joe had balls you know!

All in all it feels a bit like somebody buying a ‘How to be like The Clash’ kit from Amazon and I’m praying they have no connection with the Brit school. Oh and they look like The Inbetweeners. Must do better.

[][][] (3/5) (Mainly because their previous ep was so good)

Review by Captain Dhilin Kunderan