Shibuya Crossings: DOYA (Depend On Your Alter Ego)

~ Saturday, 23 April 2011
Shibuya Crossings are a London based three piece. London based three piece? Sounds like a suit from Saville Row. Anyway they deliver glorious pop with catchy hooks and joyous melodies and if you like your indie pop close to the Teenage Fanclub envelope then this one’s for you.

At Eight in a Spanish Bar is the stand out track and along with If It Isn’t Getting Better reminiscent at times of the American indie pop of The Posies and Velvet Crush. Another track that caught my ear was Gamla Stan and thought it might be a better choice of single, reminding me of The Gigolo Aunts. I know it’s irritating if you’re the band reading this but it’s our job to try and place it musically. Where would we put it in the record store? What am I like, record store? Remember them?

On You Know it Anyway we doff our indie hat to the likes of Pavement and on the moody last track Silver Nails That Haunt Me we have echoes of Sparklehorse.

The vibe and feel on the album is nice loose and live sounding. I like bands who just do their thing, letting the music speak for itself, not prepared to be part of a scene just doing it irrespective of fashion or trends. However if I was an A&R man I’d tell them to change their name and the name of the album. Call yourself The Magic Markers, or The Paperbacks and call the album Cartoons or Cheesecake.

Shibuya Crossings DOYA is released on Typically Magic records on June 13th…

Or maybe that The Paperbacks ‘Cartoons’ is released on Typically Magic records on June 13th, see the difference? Market yourself in a more nuanced indie way, these things are more important than you think.

[][][][] (4/5)

Review by Charlie Brown