The Travellers: For The Waves

~ Thursday, 26 May 2011
The Travellers are the duo of Gemma Marchi and Robert P, a couple who seem to have been born 60 years to late. Their sound harks back to the Sixties, so much so that they got this ep mastered at Abbey Road using the vintage TG12345 mixing console and pressing their vinyl at the EMI pressing plant. Groovy.

Marchi is the voice of the duo and her vocals are reminiscent of Camera Obscurer's Tracyanne Campbell but without the twee charm or personality. Tracks like Waiting, Never & Ever and Rain sound sterile with none of the warmth of the records which have influenced them. The one word that springs to mind about their music is boring. They claim that their music is organic and human but the reality is that it is soulless, contrived and very, very ordinary. Leaning On The Wind is the only track that shows any sign of originality but the endless drum loop and unimaginative vocals mean that it goes nowhere.

I like the idea of what they are trying to do. It is just that the reality is so different.