Captain Dangerous: Forgive Us We're British (single)

~ Tuesday, 7 June 2011
This Nottingham based band are a quirky bunch making eclectic pop melodies that could be lifted from the Jonathan Richman book of songwriting and witty lyrics. If you are going to sound like someone, then the Modern Lovers front man is a pretty good one.

Lead track is the tongue and cheek take on a serious subject, the British governments foreign policy and willingness to get involved in conflicts abroad. Forgive Us We're British is an energy packed song that seems to include every instrument under the sun fighting it out in a cacophony of blissful pop mastery that is a breath of fresh air. 'B' side Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You is not as instant the 'A' side but it certainly has its charms with chiming guitars that bring to mind Vampire Weekend and has a decidedly summery feel.

As fine as this single is, I don't know if I would want to listen to an albums worth of this kind of quirkiness.