The Foghorn Trio: Sud De La Louisiane

~ Thursday, 23 June 2011
From the opener I Want to be Loved (But Only By You) The Foghorn Trio take us on a magnificent alt country Cajun odyssey laced with moonshine, as they go on the run in what sounds like a soundtrack for a Coen Brothers film. This album is fantastic from start to finish.

When you think of harmony you think of the Beach Boys, the Beatles, The Byrds, Simon and Garfunkel. It’s time to add in Stephen Sammy Lynd; fiddle, guitar, banjo and vocals. Caleb Klauder; mandolin, guitar, fiddle and vocals. Nadine Landry; guitar, bass and vocals. The Foghorn Trio do all the above but have an incredible natural and primitive feel to the way they sing together.

Most of the songs are covers and those which stand out are the Carter Family’s tear jerking Hello Central and a wonderfully rueful version of the Kitty Wells song I Don’t Claim to be an Angel.

If those of you out there want to know what bands like Mumford and Son and their ilk could only ever dream of coming close to, then this is the album to buy. Of course The Foghorn Trio will never have a major breakthrough. They don’t have the required record company folk-cash-till-register-beard-angst-riddled X factor. The trustafarian who in reality listened to Cure records at boarding school, then faked it by throwing the razors away, learning some mandolin and banjo and jumped on the nearest folk sounding bandwagon marked irony.

The Foghorn Trio are talented beyond belief and are the real deal. Best of all not a beard in sight.

[][][][][] (5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown