The Coffins: Live and Unhinged

~ Tuesday, 5 July 2011
Here at The Music Critic, it’s not only about reviewing artists with big PR operations and press officers behind them. Sometimes someone shoves a CD in your hand and you give it the same chance. You listen, expecting the usual boring stuff but every so often, an album comes along that resonates and connects.

Live and Unhinged by The Coffins is a live recording of their first ever gig. I was trying to work out why I liked it. Why is this music making me feel like this? Then you realise, it’s music like it should be. It’s exciting, raw, invigorating, pulsating, dark, funny and full of energy.

The Coffins are fronted by charismatic Joe Bone, who leads the way like the bastard son of Frank Black, Alex Harvey and Nick Cave. On tracks like Bloody Mary Massacre and Bring Me the Head of a Boy Band Member, there’s clearly a sense of humour but when you hear the band play, you get the impression that they might mean it. Songs like track 2, Dangerous State of Mind backs this theory.

The band are guided by Bill Gilchrist’s assured guitar work, a punk blues feel sometimes redolent of Wilko Johnson’s Dr Feelgood and the garage angst of The Cramps, best featured in Live and Unhinged’s tense stand out track, Garbageman. One thing that comes across is that The Coffins enjoy what they’re doing. I’m always reluctant to make comparisons but if pushed I’d say the sound like Sensational Alex Harvey Band meets Dr Feelgood.

The album is available via the band. Check out their Facebook page for gig news. Fortunately they play just about every night, catch them live and check out this CD and tell me I’m wrong.

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[][][][][] (5/5)

Review by Charlie Brown