Billy Vincent: Once On The Grand Union (ep)

~ Tuesday, 20 September 2011
I don't know if the guys from Billy Vincent are fans of, or even heard of, Les Negresses Vertes but they share the same punk folk ethic as the shambolic French band but there is no denying that Billy Vincents roots lye firmly in the English folk. You can here everything from The Clash to Billy Bragg and Dexy's Midnight Runners in this 4 track ep.

Opener St. Catherine's Oratory throws you off with its melancholy opening before erupting into a sprinting punk folk workout but it is the following Through Stations For Trains that is the stand out for me with a rousing anthemic chorus that sticks in the head long after this ep is finished. The bittersweet Young Hearts shows the band are capable of moments of real tenderness with some heartfelt vocals and brilliant pedal steel playing to make this a truly memorable song.The ep closes on the countrified Truly with some wonderful harmonies that morphs into a rocking slice of alt-folk.

You get the feeling that Billy Vincent really come alive when on stage but they manage to transfer some of that energy with this ep. Definitely a band to watch.