Blame Sally: Speeding Ticket and a Valentine

~ Monday, 26 September 2011
San Fransisco quartet Blame Sally seem to use music as a cathartic release. Speeding Ticket and a Valentine is an album strewn with lyrics that relate to the personal lives of the 4 female members. While the lyrics make it an album that is easily relatable, the music lets it down with a country sound that comes across like a Shania Twain pastiche.

Of all the 10 tracks contained on this album, there is only a slight spark of originality. When they do get it right, like with Mona Lisa Smile & Take Me There, they are nothing short of stunning but there are are too many tracks with the pseudo pop rock of
Living Without You and the lightweight harmonies of Throw Me A Bone which sees them stuck in a comfort zone of mediocrity and banality. If the production had a slight rough edge to it then they may have managed to pull this album off but as it is, it all feels rather sterile and soulless.

The country twang of Bird In Hand has been done so many times before, and done better, that it sounds contrived with Big Big Bed following the same formula. With every listen I begin to resent this record more and more as there are the seeds of what could have been a good album but it is hidden behind the over polished production and what appears to be an overbearing desire to make a quirky record.

Given the experience of the band and the additional musicians draughted in, I was expecting far more from Blame Sally. There is no doubting the musicianship on display, it is just a pity they don't have the songs to do them justice.

[][] (2/5)