The Dirty Tracks: Never Been To Mars (single)

~ Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Spanish indie popsters The Dirty Tracks have a sound that is familiar yet hard to pigeon hole. They have a certain fragile grandeur to their sound which is mainly due to the production but they sit on a border between emo rock and 60's psychedelia without ever sounding either. It is obvious that Muse have been a major influence in their sound but there is a twee charm to The Dirty Tracks that makes them hugely endearing.

Never Been To Mars is a ramshackle blur of Peter Hook bass lines with muddy guitars and twisting vocals that I'm sure John Peel would have loved as much as I ldo. The single is backed up by two other tracks. House Of Dolls starts so weakly that I feel the urge to hit skip but suddenly bursts into life and displays a quirkiness that manages to redeem itself but it is the brilliant The Square that steals the show for me with front man Coma's falsetto vocals soaring above the interweaving guitars and samples.

The band are on tour in the UK at the moment and on the evidence of this are well worth checking out.