Girls Guns and Glory: Sweet Nothings

~ Monday, 26 September 2011
Fronted by the golden voiced Ward Hayden, sounding like a cross between Elvis, Chris Isaak and Buddy Holly, Girls Guns and Glory play a seriously infectious brand of retro country rock'n'roll that pays a huge debt of gratitude to the likes of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and The Everly Brothers yet still manages to sound fresh and not at all dated.

Album opener Baby's Got A Dream sets the tone for the whole album with a slick slice of country rock that builds and builds before exploding into life with a cacophony of guitars and Hammond organ. Both Sweet Nothings and Night Time have some serious guitar licks going on but at different ends of the spectrum with the former taking a rockier route and the latter with a definite hint of cowpunk. Things take a mellow turn with the wonderful Last Night I Dreamed where at times Hayden sounds uncannily like Roy Orbison and Charlie Rose lends some beautiful pedal steel playing.

Girls Guns and Glory remind me at times of a country version of The Stray Cats and none more so as on Root Cellar and Snake Skin Belt. The album closes on the track that nudges it for me as the albums stand out. Universe Began is a grandiose ballad with some fantastic drumming from Michael Calabrese and heartfelt vocals from Hayden. The musicianship throughout this record is of the highest standard with Paul Dilley's and Chris Hersch's bass playing and guitar work playing a massive part in the enjoyment of this brilliant record.

Every so often a musical genre need to look back to move forward and Girls Guns and Glory have found the perfect balance on Sweet Nothings. Rockabilly and country in perfect unison.

[][][][][] (5/5)