Goodluck Jonathan: This Is Our Way Out

~ Tuesday, 20 September 2011
For me, Goodluck Jonathan is an answer to a quiz question. Who is the President of Nigeria? Answer? Well done go to the top of the class. Goodluck Jonathon are also, a five piece from Brighton who have released an album called This Is Our Way Out. Sadly it’s not very good. I found this album depressing and soulless from start to finish. Radiohead or Nick Drake can be depressing but there’s something that lets you connect with their music. The same can’t be said for this album.

There’s loads of posturing and intensity but it’s mainly style over content. It is at times pretentious and full of heartfelt angst but is ultimately all bluster with no subtlety. You feel like saying here’s an acoustic guitar sing me one of your songs but they can’t connect. It sounds like they can only perform turned up to ten in an aircraft hangar. Everyone sounds like they’re showing off instead of working collectively as a band.

The songs aren’t good enough though the playing is good. It strikes me that Goodluck Jonathan are one of the those bands who read guitar, drum and bass player mags instead of buying records and trying to work out what made bands tick. Fatman stands out as does Away From Here but that’s about it I’m afraid.

Calling an album called This Is Our Way Out doesn’t help either. On this showing you’re not going anywhere in a hurry chaps. After hearing this, the answer to the question is still President of Nigeria.

[] (1/5)

Review by Charlie Brown