Ladies Who Lunch: Landscapes and Personal Spaces

~ Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Ladies Who Lunch are a four piece rock band from London. They seem and sound like nice chaps and if the PR blurb which accompanied their album is anything to go by, they aren’t short of confidence. The trouble with listening to their debut album, Landscapes and Personal Spaces is that it isn’t good, not at all. I thought I was going to hear the next big thing but sadly for them, I didn’t.

I tried really hard to give Ladies Who Lunch a second third and fourth chance yet still they didn’t grab me. In some ways I felt a bit sorry for them. They bang on about working with legendary producer Harvey Birrell but the biggest problem with this album is the production. Beneath Your Skin is a good case in point. A decent enough song but the guitar hook isn’t loud enough and ultimately like most of the album lacks any intensity. On the few occasions when they try and change direction and get more dramatic with grungy minor chords on Broken Glasshouse and Currents they seem to lack direction and guidance in terms of structure, again as much the producer’s fault as the bands.

Ultimately the songs aren’t strong enough and it all seems to be one dimensional. It’s tough trying to think of anything positive to say. There’s a world of difference between writing songs for your pals who’ll just love everything you do and taking those songs out there into the world and convincing the public that you’ve got what it takes. Somewhere along the line, Ladies Who Lunch, whether through mismanagement bad luck or lack of experience have got it wrong at every turn from their name, the structure of their songs to their choice of legendary producer.

[] (1/5)

Review by Charlie Brown