The Rudiments: Doctor Bones Fried Medicine

~ Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Glasgow based band in Love and Byrds inspired album shocker. It’s not a new story. For decades, the late great Arthur Lee and his pals on the West Coast folk and psychedelic music scene have inspired more groups in Glasgow than you could shake a deep friend mars bar at. I know why. Weather.

I listened to Dr Bones Fried Medicine on a wet Monday afternoon as the tail end of an American hurricane battered the west coast of Scotland and it worked well. Glasgow bands have always worked better in the rain dreaming of sunshine and 60’s West Coast Americana. The Rudiments are a five piece Glasgow outfit who have followed that tradition.

Stuart Smith’s laid back vocal style and the bands folky harmonies and tricky guitar work shine on Doctor Bones Fried Medicine. There’s a lot of upside, great sixties influenced band with fantastic harmonies and nice Beatlesesque moments by a band who you can tell have listened to the right records. Downside; if you’re going to sound mellow and laidback, make sure the songs stay tight and well constructed, there are a few moments when the music goes off project and when you’re only releasing seven songs and an EP lasting twenty two minutes, it’s crucial to keep the quality high.

With songs like the wonderful opener For Simpler Times, the country folk feel of Whisky From a Bowl, to the great closer The Last Hero of Switzerland and a barrage of prevailing Westerlies battering the west coast of Scotland with rain all year round, The Rudiments have no excuses.

[][][][] (4/5)

Review by Charlie Brown