The Water Tower Bucket Boys: Where The Crow Don't Fly (ep)

~ Monday, 26 September 2011
The Portland quartet caught our attention last year with their superb album Sole Kitchen which was packed full of high octane bluegrass, so we were delighted to see this 5 track ep pop into the Music Critic HQ mailbox.

Where The Crow Don't Fly sees the guys in a mellower place with the tempo brought right down. The title track kicks things off and the chilled vibes are set in motion. This is quality music, played beautifully and genuinely affecting. Pilgrim Song features some great harmonica playing from Carlton Gill-Blyth that interweaves with the intricate mandolin playing of Kenny Feinstein. This is a great song that has touches of Crosby, Stills and Nash about it with the wonderful vocal harmonies.

The tempo is raised slightly on the infectious Easy Way Out with the unmistakable drone of a Hammond B3 underpinning the whole song. The ep closes on the beguiling R Song which is a bit of a departure from the guys normal output and sounds uncannily like Elbow at their full flowing best. While this is a departure from what we know the band for, it is a welcome one all the same.
Having caught the band live earlier this year, they certainly capture the energy of their live shows on record and this ep shows the band at their chilled best.