The Bloogs: The Bloogs (ep)

~ Thursday, 6 October 2011
London based indie kids The Bloogs are a bit of a grower. On the first few listens to their self titled 4 track ep, it was hard to get excited about their generic jangly 'Brit Pop' sound but they kind of whittled me down. They have shades of The Kinks, Squeeze and The Bluetones about their sound with front man Ross Brown having more than a passing resemblance vocally to the Bluetones Mark Morriss.

Opener Sideways is let down, as is the whole ep, by the poor production which is lifeless and flat. The band describe this song as 'Oasis without the attitude'. Don't do yourself down guys, it sounds nothing like the Beatles. Species Apart reminds me of Ian Dury & The Blockheads while Run It By The River is a pretty forgettable piece of pub rock. The ep closes on its strongest track. Revelling is twisting battle between chiming acoustic guitar, killer hooks and a memorable chorus.

It is a bit hit and miss for the guys but shows enough promise that with a good engineer and producer on board, they may just be able to do something special.