The Zenon Band: Falling (single)

~ Thursday, 6 October 2011
The Zenon Band come along without the musical hang ups that most British bands have. Their sound is a mix of pop and rock which hasn't been popular here since the likes of John Parr, John Waite and REO Speedwagon were all the rage.

Now, it would be easy to dismiss this as terribly unhip but here in the UK we are fed a diet of commercial radio generic play lists where music has to fit nicely into whatever box the industry wants us to buy but head to countries like Germany, Poland, France etc and the radio, press and tv if full of brilliant music that just wouldn't be heard over here.

The Zenon Band are not breaking any new ground but Falling is catchy and well crafted with some excellent musicianship and production. I wouldn't buy it but I would turn the radio up if it came on and allow my inner poodle perm to flow free.