Don Lee: Fool To Even Care

~ Tuesday, 1 November 2011
When we reviewed Lee's last album, we compared his sound to that of Squeeze and Glenn Tilbrook. The emails from outraged fans poured in, who wished to point out that Don is his own man and should not be compared to anyone. Well guys, sorry to disappoint you all again but Fool To Even Care has Lee's love affair with Tilbrook all over it. Now, this is not a bad thing. Lee knows how to craft a song and he is blessed with a powerful and sweet voice. The dynamics he uses in the structure of his songs gives his music a quirky edge that means that he is always going to draw comparisons with Tilbrook.

Fool To Even Care marks a leap in the quality of production from his previous work. This is a beautiful sounding record with depth, warmth and clarity present on every track. The album springs into life with the bouncy How Do You Play? with some great bass playing and killer guitar hooks. Given that Lee plays all the instruments, except drums, it is remarkable how he has managed to make it sound 'live'.

The funky vibe of Pay Your Love In Full is made all the more appealing given the dual vocal approach with Alina Zimmerman's throaty vocals proving a contrast to Lee's poppier tones. Stand out track for me is the sublime Never That Far which twists chords and beats in a triumphant pop masterpiece. The bittersweet Starlight is no less beguiling with the simplicity of just guitar and vocal showing Lee's mellower side. He also shows he is no slouch in the guitar department with some blistering solos scattered throughout this record, and he gets to rock and show his dirtier side (guitar speaking of course) on both Get Out My Way & Rub It In.

The album closes on the quirky Nowhere To Go with Jack Mariachi & Ken Masson whipping up a storm on drums and percussion. Mariachi's drumming throughout this record is superb and really binds it together. There is no argument from me that Lee is his own man, and a very talented one at that, but his sound is such a distinctive one that it is impossible not to draw comparisons to the songs of Glenn Tilbrook. For me that is no bad thing.

[][][][][ (4.5/5)