Madison Violet: The Good In Goodbye

~ Thursday, 10 November 2011
Canadian duo Madison Violet have been building a reputation since their first album back in 2004 with their winsome Americana inspired folk, with 2009's No Fool For Trying establishing them as serious contenders.

The Good In Goodbye is one of those records that you turn to on a lazy Sunday afternoon and that is both the charm and the problem with this album. In many ways this is background music, very well written, played and recorded but hard to get excited about. Having listened to this album several times over the past week I could not tell you a single lyric, hum you a melody from it or name any of the songs other than the title track. There is nothing really to dislike about this album, it is just that I can't get excited about it.

The tone for the record is set with the opener If I Could Love You. A perfectly pleasant, non offensive piece of non de-script folk pop that you hear in a thousand coffee house stereos the world over. This formula is repeated throughout. Home, Stuck In Love, Fallen By The Wayside, Colour In Grey etc all pass gently by without leaving the slightest mark on my memory or emotions. It is only Come As You Are, with its ever-so-slightly rockier edge, Emily, resplendent banjo and lovely vocal harmonies, and Cindy Cindy, is that Bluegrass... surely not, that departs from the monophonic sound that makes up this record.

This is a record that left no impression with me. I neither like or dislike it, care if I heard it again or be bothered if I did. I find it rare that music can leave me with no reaction of any kind but this record has. I dare say that if I owned a coffee shop it would be top of my play list. Nothing like playing it safe.

[][][ (2.5/5)