Sonny: Illuminant (ep)

~ Monday, 21 November 2011
Sonny is a bedroom knob twiddler with what would appear to be a fixation with the Cocteau Twins and Sigur Ros. There is little to get excited about here as his perfect diction delivery sound like he is auditioning for an Lloyd Webber musical while the music itself feels soulless, directionless and unimaginative.

Opener Shine Like Silver has the dreamy guitars nailed but the production, percussion and vocals drain any spark of life it has within the first few bars. We are firmly in musical theatre territory with the other 3 tracks, Dew Bright Earth, Everything Was Golden and Wonder Of Snow. These songs, I use the word songs in the loosest term, reek of self indulgence with half baked lyrics and little songwriting skills.

It is not often that I can't find any redeemable qualities in someone's music but Sonny has succeeded here.