The Soulphonics: The Dynamic Sounds Of The Soulphonics

~ Tuesday, 1 November 2011
The Austin 3 piece that is the Soulphonics have a psychedelic heart. Their 'garage rock' sound has much in common with bands like Moby Grape and Quick Silver Messenger Service while Glen Worley's naive vocals add a twee twist to proceedings.

The guys are not trying to reinvent the wheel here but instead put a bit more air in the tyres. The album opens with the driving beat of Time Has Changed, complete with chopping guitars that Wilco Johnson would be proud of. The production has a kind of endearing diy feel to it which only adds to the whole punk ethos. Most of the 16 tracks on here are originals but they do tackle a couple of covers and their version of The Brogues 1965 hit I Ain't No Miracle Worker, with Reid Watson taking on vocal duties and outshining Worley, captures the spirit the original as does their version of The Squires Going All The Way. There is no doubt that these guys wear their musical hearts on their sleeves.

Worley proves himself to be pretty nifty in the writing department with brilliant Can't See Love being a stand out, as is the instrumental El Caribe but it is downright dirty Don't Bring 'Er!' that nudges it for best track.

There is much to like about The Soulphonics, especially if your record collection includes The Turtles, The Ramones or Ten Years After. Their sound is naive, as are the lyrics, production and musicianship but that is why I like it. This record wasn't made for me or you. It was made because the band want to and I for one am glad that I get to share it.

[][][][] (4/5)