What Is Jungle Music?

Jungle is a generic term for any number of musical styles, most common of which is drum and bass. Dubstep, drum and bass, techno, hip hop and house are some of the many sub-genres. A lot of music artists tend to cross over into these genres and create a mass audience for themselves and their music. This can be a great boon for the industry, providing a massive opportunity for record labels to make money.

Jungle music is a generic term for any number of music styles, most common of which is drum and bass. It is a sub-genre of rave music that developed out of the UK’s rave scene and music system culture in the early 1990s. Dubstep, breakbeats, techno and drum & bass have all been lumped together under this term. The producers of rave tracks were known as ‘breaks’ whereas a producer who produces high quality drum beats and bass lines is called a ‘drummer’.

There is very little information available on what is Jungle music. The term is probably an older form of rave slang. It may have been influenced by the United States musical stylings of the time, especially the song ‘Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely’. The sounds often used on Jungle tracks were similar to those of drum machines and sampling from a wide range of sources (most often from old British radio stations). Today it seems more like a mix of many other styles of music, though some experts feel that it is an American invention, with the obvious origin coming from Caribbean Island cultures.

Reggae, a native of the West Indies, is perhaps the biggest influential force in making modern day Jungle music. One thing that can be said about Reggae is that they are very ‘loud’ and almost always have an energetic, pulsating energy about them. In many ways their approach to dance is similar to that of breakbeats – using percussion instruments and complex beat structures. Their use of Reggae breakbeats has become very common on mainstream dance tracks. Their distinctive style and loud, aggressive approach have earned them a large following, and this popularity has led many artists to record their own Reggae albums and singles.

Another major influence on modern day jungle music is the use of guitar music. Guitarists from around the world have been fascinated by the lush textures and lush, distorted sounds that are characteristic of classic Jungle music. Many leading breakbeat and hip-hop artists have recorded with the guitar in conjunction with their respective instrumentals, and the sounds have become characteristic of modern day Jungle music.

Today, much like the early days when producers would record a single for an upcoming album, a new single will enter the market with a catchy title, artwork, and perhaps a song written to accompany it. Popular versions of what is jungle music often cross over into other genres of dance music, especially reggae, but continue to enjoy huge amounts of fan base. The single episode of what is jungle music can attract large audiences online, while the fan base continues to grow. It is evident that this style of music continues to grow, and its influence will no doubt continue to take shape in the future.